Timo Kloss

I’m an iOS developer living in Barcelona


Currently I work at InQBarna as a developer for native iOS apps and I work on personal projects in my spare time. I’m not available for freelancing.

For 9 years I worked in the games industry at Gameloft, Social Point and Exozet Games. There I was involved in the development of more than 20 projects for mobile (JavaME, C++) and web (Flash). I still worked on own projects in my spare time like music applications (C/C++) and Facebook games (including PHP/MySQL backend).

My way of programming I would describe as clean and simple. I developed products from mini games to complex applications. Usually attempts to do it quick and dirty result in big problems sooner or later. On the other hand complex systems for simple things (IT engineers like to do that) can be difficult to change quickly. I create maintainable and robust code, yet I’m ready for quick changes.